may 2020.


May 10-15th, 2020 || Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat with Jacqueline Jennings and Bree Melanson || Sundance Guest Ranch, Ashcroft BC

5 days and nights on a beautiful ranch in BC with a group of beings motivated to create change, to live with purpose, to step into what is meant for them. Daily yoga with Carolyn, empowering lectures / activities with Jacqueline & Bree and all the horse connection in nature that anyone could ask for!

the curriculum. 

We’ll be evaluating what’s working, where we may be missing opportunities for revenue growth and honing in our unique presence in our fields. We’ll be going deeper into business development, growing our brands, leadership and powerful belief change work. Bree will be helping you to really open the channel between you and your soul.

Here’s a taste of what this year will look like:

  • Setting (or upgrading) a crystal clear vision for your life and legacy

  • Discover your purpose in alignment with your soul

  • Your roadmap to explore, test + implement the right offering → get clear on the problem and unique solution in your market

  • Soulful S.W.O.T  (Strengths/Weakness/Opportunity/Threats) →  an in-depth analysis of how to thrive and lead in your industry in alignment with your soul’s purpose and from your strengths

  • Concrete and specific avenues to expand your reach and impact

  • Reawaken Your Intuition → processes to turn to your soul for direct guidance so you’re always on path

  • How to Lead as An Empath → turning your sensitivity into your superpower

  • Business Development Map → take away a custom plan to bring in the right new customers, clients, and collaborators (#expansion)

  • Abundance + Self Worth Activation →  clearing your blocks to money honey!

  • Upgrading Your Distinct Authentic Brand  → calibration of your authentic voice and unique position in the market

  • Transformational Breathwork Sessions: fully reprogram your unconscious beliefs and manifest your future by activating the vibrational reality (time ain’t real)

  • Burn-out Prevention → how to create flow and get (real) guidance from your soul

  • Harnessing Intuition + Psychic Tools → partner readings and how to channel your soul

  • Energetic Field and Boundaries →  implementing this in our liberty work with the horses

  • Channeled Q + A with energetic clearings + group healings with Bree (and the light beings👽)

More information HERE.

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