my practice. for her.

And now, the waiting.

The space of light years to indulge in, within; for her.

I hover in a grey zone between all that has mattered to me and the onslaught of the truest, rawest love on Earth. Here, my practice really begins; for her.

I think about letting go, I remember how to meditate, I hope I am here and now, utterly present – but the processes for each look so vastly foreign now. I am locked in and out of my usual rituals not knowing where my once deep anchors begin or end nor where I begin or end; with her.

Hold me close, keep me laughing into starlit hours, keep me young and bright eyed. Soon we will be three and her bright eyes will fill us up and bring us to our knees when we have forgotten the whole practice.

Shut out all the voices, sweet babe. Don’t even name this a ‘practice’ or a ‘learning’ or a ‘letting go’. Dance freely in the light and the dark. Receive the wisdom from those before us and devour our boundless love.

In this space of honouring past lessons and the future unknown, the practice deepens, continues and I will do my best… will be my most honest: for myself, for us, for you.  

Posted on June 6, 2016 .