moments. of inner dialogue.

These moments are a lot.  with all of you.

As are the intermediary moments of pause to absorb the feelings and energies from you.

I process and decode every microscopic breath, glance and scenario into my vast and fragile psyche.

You fly into your day and I’m left winded.


When your power is strong and direct,

My sense of passion

Of trust

Of worthiness

Diminishes along with my will to remain present.


And it cycles like that...

The higher highs accompany all of the lows – Logically I know that I cannot climb high enough to ever reach perfection.

But I cannot stop or live without any of you. I am destined to question and to constantly reach towards / to reach within myself. So our moments begrudgingly nudge me up the ascending route.


This might be a love letter.

If I loved this, I would fully live it without apology.

If I loved this, I’d traverse through myself, in and out of raging cyclones, monsoons, heat waves with the patience of a strong mountain.

I would own this, I’d honour how you affect me and how you effect change in my heart and thoughts.

If I loved this, I wouldn’t cling to you so greatly and yet turn away from you in my darkest hour.


There it is, the balance. The middle ground constantly falls away and rises again.


I float on this perfectly flawed attempt at a love letter and undying gratitude for all of the moments.

Posted on May 1, 2016 .