Your student's body is a wonderland..

HANDS-ON ME NOW!  (click to view/download this handout created by Carolyn and Clara and increase your knowledge of hands-on adjustments in the yoga classroom)

Who doesn't love a good, confident adjustment in yoga? As a teacher, we must take the time to learn about the do's and don'ts and the many subtle intricacies around appropriate physical touch. 

** This workshop was most recently offered by Carolyn at Wanderlust Festival in Whistler....:

"Are you passionate about approaching the unique bodies in your classes with a skillful eye and an effective touch? As teachers, we must first and foremost practice appreciation of ourselves. Next is gaining knowledge about how to transmit this respect for self as we guide others into a deeper practice through gentle yet confident assists. Ethics, how’s, why’s and when’s of assists will be touched upon (haha) in a short discussion. Expect a heavy practice component of hands-on adjustments and enhancements during much of the workshop. Come with a desire to learn and leave with an embodied awareness of the incredible human body. Handout provided for future use."

Posted on July 29, 2015 .