How to meditate.

“Real meditation is not about mastering a technique; it’s about letting go of control. This is meditation. Anything else is actually a form of concentration. Meditation and concentration are two different things. Concentration is a discipline; concentration is a way in which we are actually directing or guiding or controlling our experience. Meditation is letting go of control, letting go of guiding our experience in any way whatsoever. The foundation of True Meditation is that we are letting go of control.” (Adyashanti)

Today’s (everyday's) lesson – How to Meditate.

Read almost any book on Buddhism, Self-Help or Yoga and meditation exercises are offered. For reasons such as anxiety relief, a clearer mind, compassion towards others, cultivation of inner wisdom and so many more, meditation will help. All of us.  It helps us to BE HERE NOW (Ram Das). Meditation has nothing to do with sitting in one place with your eyes closed for 3 hours per day but rather with looking into how the mind works,  communicating openly with other earthly beings and accepting that our paths unfold and change direction as they should.


Long-winded forewarning : 

Getting prepared :

  • Position of the body – In the beginning, it is nearly impossible to find a comfortable position, especially for one to find stillness in for more than 10 minutes. Sitting on a block or pillow will help, as will sitting up against a wall. You can even lie down on your back.
  • Once we settle into a pain-free position of stillness (a regular yoga or stretching routing is helpful to open and prepare the body for sitting), we have our monkey mind to attend to. The tendencies to fidget and twitch really start now. Just keep breathing and think “nice try Mind, I’m not moving anywhere”
  • Altogether the experience of watching the thoughts, physical pains and breathing practices through meditation is a little bit of heartbreak, psychosis and exhaustion.
  • Finding meditation will blow your mind. After about 8 years, I realized “oh here it is”.  Some days, the meditation is not here. Some days it is. But you need to show up and become still in order to receive it.

The path to accomplishment :


(Sri K Pattabhi Jois)    ** Repeat step 1 again and again for infinity.

Addendum :

  • Once you are accustomed to meditating, you can do it while standing, walking, lying or even arranging flowers. The Buddha once said that there are four positions for meditation: standing, sitting, walking and lying down. In other words, all the time (OSHO).
  • Read all the books you like and follow all the steps in how-to guides that you like; the secret is that you must do the work. Sit and breathe. Or read this, think about this and breathe. There is no one correct direction to follow along the journey. Come back to your breath. You are on your way.
Posted on June 10, 2015 .