the throat chakra - honour your truth

Uncovering our own unique vibrations ….  open it up and sing loud.  Points that represent the Throat Chakra    (fifth chakra): 


Communication is the essential function of the fifth chakra. As self-expression, it is a gateway between the inner world and the outer. Only through self-expression does the outer world get to know what's inside of us. We only know what's inside someone when they choose to tell us.

The Voice-

There are many voices within us. There is the voice that tells us we are no good, the voice that wants above all to be heard, the voice that only whispers silently in the quiet moments we spend alone. Inner dialogue between the various parts of ourselves helps us become more integrated. Integration creates resonance. The process of individuation honours and integrates each of our voices, and brings them together as a whole. 


All life is rhythmic. From the rise and fall of the sun to the rise and fall of our breath, from the beating of our heart to the infinite vibrations of atomic particles within our cells, we are a mass of vibrations that miraculously resonate together as a single system. In fact, our ability to function as a unified whole depends upon the coherent resonance of the many subtle vibrations within us. The task of the fifth chakra is to enhance this resonance.

Opening to resonance requires both grounding for the establishment of form, and an openness of breath that yields softness and flexibility. This balance is a delicious combination of letting and willing that allows us to both listen and respond at the same time. 


Creativity in the fifth chakra is a consciously willed process. We are literally making our world at each and every moment through our actions, expression and communication. Creativity allows the Self to give back to the world an assimilated form of what it has taken in. It is the gateway between the past and the future. 


** Can you find the quiet necessary to listen to the truth within?  ** Do you honour your truth? ** How?


(A Judith)

Posted on May 25, 2015 .