today. a love story.

today we ran hard.

we laughed, we surprised each other in the silliest of moments with the silliest of quirks.

today we reached out for light touches, for soft kisses and for high fives.

today we reached out to scramble across jagged rocks to help each other across and, when it got too real, to sit on his shoulders and be carried away from it all.

today we danced along the sunlit beach, we snapped photos of the glistening ocean top and of the whispering shoreline, slowly bringing the tide back in.

today we nestled in to plan for the future, for all the journeys ahead and for how we will support one another at each crossroad. we pondered the recipe for a strong relationship: patience and openness about all worries, expectations and beliefs. we realized how many bottom lines need to be drawn for the friendship to endure.

today we skipped across rocks, gawked at the beauty and history in every tree in all the forests and felt the joy in sharing it – side by side.

today we were children of the earth and all was right in the universe.

today we felt love. we held nothing back and we’re not looking back. today.

Posted on May 1, 2015 .