all the little things..

resurfacing with awe, some insight into presence, and this poem after another meditation retreat:

-Awe is the simplest of things-
the most colourful splattering of a sunset
spellbinding sparks, cracks, pops in a wintry fireplace
the perfect silence of 300 beings in a creaky, wooden hall
jittery sandbugs unaffected by crashing waves along the shore
the emerging butterfly from her cocoon of fantasies, judgments and immaturities
this construct of time that makes 7 days feel like 7 hours and 7 years all at once
sensing the growth of our little babe in my belly

A moment of awe doesn't necessitate a flashing neon backdrop or a feat of physical strength or a loud speaker high atop a mountain---although some will find it there.

I will follow the insistence of intuition down my own unique path. with my beloveds.

-I will always thank god for-
the visible stars twinkling in faraway galaxies
the love of family
the magic in every moment in one lifetime
the questions, the unknowns
this quiet
bringing me home

(thank you to lululemon for this poignant theme of awe at their longtable table dinner)

Posted on December 14, 2015 .