a training in love, in community.

I sit here, the morning after 8 days gone too soon.

I feel comfortably alone and I feel your presence so near … in complete disbelief of the magic we created and of our completion yet I retain a deep understanding that the stage is set for you now, to truly begin.

Your strong and willing studentship has left several imprints on my psyche: one of confidence, knowing the endless hours of information will quickly trickle into your hearts, your actions and all your endeavours. You also left an empty cavern in me, shaped and molded by inspiration.  You imprinted a spark in me to study, to receive and to unravel the route of my own never-ending journey.

In the shameful alleys of my path, I easily slip back into trivial worries of money, appearances and “shoulds” but now when I pause and listen to my heart and all of her teachers… I will think of you.  You are the ones who remind me what growth looks like. You show me how to discern between important life goals and mindless habits in our heads.  You are the epitome of community and I’m proud to be a member of it.

Thank you for showing up and participating in my life, my life’s work.

Thank you for mirroring to me the beauty found in healing, in messiness, in honesty.

Thank you for your long exhales, your cleansing breath (I carry its power with me now).

Thank you for embracing the lifelong student within and for being the perfect teacher to me… The wise grandmother in each of you leaves me speechless and full of respect.

Thank you for your grace, your sweet tears and for truly seeing yourselves, your highest selves, within.

Thank you for the willingness to inhabit your bodies fully.

(learning the language of instructing a yoga class has never looked so poetic, so potent, so subtle.  And for that, we do need our bodies.... but so much more, in between every movement).


Thank you for all of your new beginnings.  

Posted on October 13, 2015 .