how to be...

Let it be.


Be sweet. Be yourself. Be honest as you stand up for your passions, for your path and all your stumbles.

Be in nature for it is in you – all its quirks, noises, messiness, shiny bits and hazy shadows. You are that.

I am healing. And I am healing. And I am healing. I am that.

Be together. Be supportive. Be the light for it certainly is in you. And when the inkling to be light calls on you, let it emanate to all and through all. Cowering back in doubt feeds the realm of the hungry ghosts .. so I will coax your light to be a mirror for my light.  There exists a continual invitation to bravely step up and out, let’s invite it, let’s light it, together.

Let it all be. Most of all your heart.. the heart.. never marred, always whole.

(thanks to my inspiration – 7 gentle and curious hearts on Hornby Island during a bright spring retreat)

Posted on October 21, 2014 and filed under …musings..., ..retreat reflections...