meditation events - sept.

Calm Rebel: Restore & Recharge || Sept 30 1:45-3:45pm || One Yoga for the People, Gastown

Join Carolyn Anne Budgell for a much-needed body and breath reset. Return to the here and now with restorative yoga and soothing breathwork.

This meditative workshop invites you to pause from whatever ideas, stress and expectations you’ve been stuck in. Through simple, relaxing poses and breathwork, you’ll have the opportunity to let go of rigidity and relieve your tense muscles and a strung out nervous system. Expect to: boost your immune system, decrease blood pressure, improve digestion and fatigue along with a myriad of other physical and emotional benefits.

There will be time for questions and note-taking as well as an affirming meditation at the end to tie in this concept that slowness is the reset we often need most.

Cost: $30. Please bring a strap and a block.

Sept 30 1:45-3:45pm

Posted on June 25, 2016 .