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New Year's Reset Retreat || Saturday, Jan 13th 9am - 4pm || Nectar Yoga, Bowen Island

Join Carolyn Anne Budgell for a day of yoga, meditation and introspection on a mini getaway to Bowen Island. 

The transition into a new year can come with self-inflicted pressures to set resolutions and goals as well as uncertainties about how to map our desires and dreams.... On this simple day-long retreat, we will acknowledge the lessons and learnings from 2017, release ourselves from shoulds or should-haves and move into 2018 with clarity, awareness and full hearts towards our unique processes. 


1 vinyasa class

1 restorative class

guided meditations and walking meditations

directed journalling and intention setting



Saturday, January 13th, 9am - 4pm


Nectar Yoga B&B, Bowen Island


$85 plus tax    (does not include ferry to/from Bowen Island or lunch)  email - to reserve your spot

Posted on June 24, 2016 .