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Saturday Apr 6 1:45-3:45pm || Spring Light: Restorative & Quiet for Openness || One Yoga for the People, Vancouver

It’s no secret – life is full of ups and downs. Life can be chaotic physically & mentally and all these experiences live in the cells of our bodies. When we don’t create time to acknowledge or heal the imbalances in our nervous systems & emotional layers, we are at risk for the heaviness of various diseases and anxiety.

Welcome in a new season and a new cycle with Carolyn. Join her for an afternoon of meditation & restorative yoga – the sweetest aspects of the yoga practice that are often neglected. These practices emphasize conscious breathing & conscious relaxation, which cause a slowed heart rate, slowed breathing, better digestion and immunity. The practices will help to clarify the realness of our inner turmoil, and provide the space in which to boldly envision the season of light ahead.

Come to unlock the hips & the heart. Then sink into a healing meditation on worthiness and self-acceptance.  Quite simply, you can expect to slow right down, dive into tension hidden within yourself and set it free. For the long-term, you will sleep better, breathe deeper and feel like you’ve come home to a more integrated version of yourself.  (Repeat every season!)

Be a rebel: stop all the ‘doing’, learn how to relax and discover true balance.

$30 - Registration opening soon.


Posted on June 22, 2016 .