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Saturday Apr 6 1:30-4pm || Spring Light: Restorative & Quiet for Openness || One Yoga for the People, Vancouver

It’s no secret – life is full of ups and downs. Life can be chaotic physically & mentally and all these experiences live in the cells of our bodies. When we don’t create time to acknowledge or heal the imbalances in our nervous systems & emotional layers, we are at risk for the heaviness of various diseases and anxiety.

Welcome in a new season and a new cycle with Carolyn. Join her for an afternoon of meditation & restorative yoga – the sweetest aspects of the yoga practice that are often neglected. These practices emphasize conscious breathing & conscious relaxation, which cause a slowed heart rate, slowed breathing, better digestion and immunity.

Come to unlock the hips & the heart. Then sink into a healing meditation on worthiness and self-acceptance.  Quite simply, you can expect to slow right down, dive into tension hidden within yourself and set it free. For the long-term, you will sleep better, breathe deeper and feel like you’ve come home to a more integrated version of yourself.  (Repeat every season!)

Give yourself some space to envision the season of light ahead.

* bring a journal and any props you own *

$35 - Register HERE.

Posted on June 22, 2016 .