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Go with the Flow: Asana & Meditations for the 2nd Chakra || Sat Sept 16, 12:30-3pm || Semperviva Sea Studio, Granville Island

As another summer comes to a close, we return to routine and darker days. Make the shift a conscious one, rather than relying on unhealthy habits or the same old thought patterns to barely get you through. 

Join Carolyn for an all-levels workshop geared to getting your blood flowing, your pelvis/lower back spacious and your mind ready for change!

The 2nd Chakra (Svadisthana) is located in the lower abdomen and sacrum/tailbone area. When we practice yoga poses and certain meditations to tap into this area, we connect to which beliefs prevent us from taking big steps forward, from actively making shifts in our lives and from starting new creative projects. The 2nd Chakra and the transition into the fall months both symbolize creativity, transition, rebirth, pleasure and the need for personal boundaries. Learn ways to discover a more empowered and joyful you as you create life shifts that are smooth and mindful.

You can expect: all levels flow yoga, a discussion/review of the 2nd Chakra, journalling, meditations to bring more awareness and connectivity to your process around the life phase you are in.

Registration Opening Soon.

Posted on June 28, 2016 .